FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) by students and parents who aspire to study MBBS in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. If you are planning to study MBBS abroad, then you must go through these FAQs as this will clear many doubts and queries you may have. 

General FAQs

Are the medical degrees from abroad valid in India?
Yes, the medical degrees awarded by the MCI approved universities are duly valid in India.
Are MBBS courses abroad expensive?
No, the tuition fee of medical universities abroad is significantly lower in comparison to the private medical colleges in India. In Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine the fees of the entire MBBS degree course is between 19-27 lakhs depending on the institution and the country. This is lower than the yearly tuition fees of some medical colleges in India. For further clarification on fee structure, visit country-specific pages (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine) of our website or contact us.
Is MBBS abroad safe for female students?
Yes, it is absolutely safe for girls to study in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Girls can study medicine in a safe and secure environment. There are many crime-free countries and countries with the lowest crime rate that offer world-class education in medicine. Consult Road to Abroad for reference of females already pursuing MBBS course overseas.
Can I return back to India and practice medicine?
Yes, medical graduates can return back to India and practice medicine in India. They have to clear the FMGE test to be eligible for medical practice in India. The NMC conducts a screening test for which you need to appear. When you clear this test, the next step involves registration with the NMC. If you meet all of their criteria, they will register you, thus allowing you to practice in India. In the future (2022), FMGE is likely to be replaced by National Exit Test (NExT).
Can I Be Employed in Any Applied Indian Medical Institution Or Government Hospitals After Getting The Degree?
Yes, you can. After your registration with the National Medical Commission, you will be eligible to get employment with any Government hospitals or any medical institution in India. The doctors will be eligible to have a practice of their own as the Indian authorities will be recognizing them as certified doctors. You can then work in both government and private sectors.
Will I Be Able to Get a Bank Loan? If Yes, Then To What Limit Will It Be Possible?
As established by the RBI regulation, students who are interested in studying MBBS abroad would be eligible for a loan of up to 15 lacs. You will be able to know the terms and conditions of the loan if you visit your nearest nationalized bank. The loan amount that is sanctioned depends on various factors such as the proof of income of parents, which is the salary certificate or even the income tax returns for the previous three years. You will have to fulfill all the criteria provided by the bank. Visit your local branch of a nationalized bank to get more details.
Will I Be Able to Pursue My Post Graduation Education or Masters in The Universities?
Yes, you will be able to pursue your post-graduation education from these universities. After you have completed your MBBS education from any Indian or foreign college or any other recognized university, you can apply for a master’s abroad. The education quality in Russia, Ukraine, or other countries is very high, which makes it a very prominent place to pursue higher education such as post-graduation or Ph.D.
Is the Bachelor’s Degree from These Universities Recognised In Other Foreign Countries And India?
Yes, the bachelor’s degree from these universities is recognized in 180 countries all around the world, including India. The graduates who pass out from these universities can practice in the below-mentioned countries after they fulfill the guidelines provided by the government of these countries.

India: Students would need to clear the Screening Test. The screening test is held two times a year (last Saturday or Sunday in September and the last Saturday or Sunday in March).

United Kingdom: The students would have to qualify for the PLAB examination.

United States of America: Students have to pass the USMLE.

European Union (EU): The European Union recognizes the bachelor’s degree provided by the universities.

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Other Miscellaneous FAQs

How to choose the right university for MBBS program abroad?
Road to Abroad is a responsible study abroad consultant in Delhi. We help you choose the right medical university duly approved by NMC for the MBBS studies abroad.
Why choose Road to Abroad for MBBS admission abroad?
At Road to Abroad, we value our students more than money. With us, you get a number of advantages. Moreover, our consulting fee is also comparatively low.
How Is the availability of food In Foreign Countries?
Students will be provided with kitchen facilities where they will be able to cook their meals. You will be able to find canteens and restaurants which serve Indian food both on the premises of the University and also around the city. In some of the Universities, Even Indian Mess is Available for Students. You will find all food items like dal, flour, spices, rice, tomatoes, pizzas, butter, potatoes, milk, fruits, tea, etc. in the nearby bazaars and markets.
Will I Be Able to Get Vegetarian Food abroad?
Yes, there is the availability of vegetarian food in the university. Moreover, students who are pure vegetarians can also cook food on their own so that they are satisfied with the food that they are consuming.
What Facilities Does the Hostel Provide to the Students?
The hostels of the MBBS universities are well equipped with different facilities for the students such as: 

  • Water heating facility
  • Free electricity
  • Washing machine
  • Electric stoves so students can cook
  • Change the bedsheets every 2 or 3 weeks
  • Affordable high-speed internet
  • Warden
  • Security guard at all hours
What Is the Vacation Period in Russia? Will I Be Able to Go Home During My Holidays?
In Russia, vacation is for 7-8 weeks during the summer during which you can travel home.
Will I Be Able to Do My Internship in My Home Country?
Yes, you can, however, individual universities have different rules for internships along with the local medical board. It is better to check with both before you apply for an internship.
Will My Parents Be Able to Visit Me at The Universities in Russia? Will I Be Able to Travel Back Home for the Holidays or Even Stay Back in Russia?
Parents, relatives, or friends of the students are allowed to visit the student at the university. They will have to issue invitations from the country, which will ensure the process of the visa from New Delhi.

The MBBS universities in Russia offer holidays twice a year. There is a 15-day holiday in the month of January and a two-month holiday in the summer season which occurs in the month of July and August. During the holidays the students can either stay back in the university, travel around Europe, or even come back to their home country, India so that they can spend time with their families.

What Are the Rules and Documents That Are Needed To Apply For A Passport?
You can apply for your passport online now as the whole process has been moved online for better convenience. For this, you have to visit the website www.passportindia.gov.in. On the site, you will be able to view the number, address, and name of the various passport offices that are situated in India. You can initiate the process by submitting your application online, or even send it to the given address by speed post.

It is always recommended to apply for the passport at the earliest as the whole process would take time. Once you submit the form, you will get an appointment date. You would have to be present with all your documents to the given address at the given time. The following documents will be required when you apply for your passport:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Identity and Address Proof

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